Small Molecule Libraries

Microsource SPECTRUM Collection

The 2320 compounds in the SPECTRUM Collection were selected by medicinal chemists and biologists so as to provide a wide range of biological activities and structural diversity for screening programs with special emphasis on the de-novo assays emerging today. Such content provides the opportunity to evaluate drugs and biochemical tools with known biological profiles and, at the same time, explore the potential of novel structural and topographical diversity manifest in pure natural products. Each compound has a minimum of 95% purity. Please check details at Microsource Discovery Systems, Inc.


ChemBridge Diversity Set Library

Compounds represented in the DIVERSet libraries are carefully selected to provide the broadest pharmacophore space coverage possible within a 50,000 compound set of diverse structures. Stringent druglike and desirable chemical group filters coupled with a 3D conformer analysis, are used in selecting a premium set of diverse, druglike compounds for each set with maximum pharmacophore coverage. Please check details at ChemBridge Corporation.


UI Legacy Collection

UI Legacy Collection is composed of the compounds from pure natural products and medicinal chemistry synthesis here at University of Iowa. Currently the collection includes: