Small Molecule Libraries

UIHTS holds two “small molecule” libraries. The Spectrum Library from MicroSource consists of 2320 structurally diverse compounds including marketed and experimental drugs as well as natural products. This array of test compounds provides a rigorous platform for assay validation and testing. The larger collection is from Chembridge, the Diverset, a collection of 50,000 small molecules representing a wide swath of chemical space, optimized to be “drug like,” considering factors such as partition coefficient and Lipinski-like rules. We are also building a UI legacy library with pure natural products and medicinal chemistry-focused compounds.

Microsource SPECTRUM Collection

ChemBridge Diversity Set Library

UI Legacy Collection


Biologics Libraries

UIHTS is building up collections of biologics, including Cell Collection, RNAi Library, Peptide Library, Antibody Library and Other collections. The content of each of them will be further enriched.