HTS resources

UIHTS will serve the research community as a hub for high throughput screening related knowledge environment for educational purposes. It will provide and update the latest linkes for assay guide, publicly available small molecule databases, and funding opportunities.


May 22, 2014:

The latest trend in HTS is the so-called "Open innovation" or "Industry-academic collaboration". The idea is that Big Pharma provides the infrastructure for drug discovery, i.e. compound collection, high throughput screening capacity, and project management; and the academic provides expertise on specific diseases or targets, usually a lifetime experience on specific topics. 

For academics, the advantage is available tools and approaches with expertise to work on their targets. The potential of prompt translation from basic science to clinical applications, either therapeutics or diagnostics.

For industry, the advantage is "a right to negotiate in the future should a commercial opportunity present itself". This is an alternative for the common outsourcing CROs.

However, there is a gap: how do you know your target is a druggable target? so that the Big Pharma is interested in "Collaboration" with you.

That is the necessity of local HTS facilities, like UIHTS, as a step stone for bridging the gap!