COVID-19 Announcement

The page will be providing information for COVID-19 related information.

Ramping up information: 5/24/2020

For UIHTS Core access, we are currently open for full services with appointments, with priority for COVID-19 related projects.

Here is essential protocols for interactions with UIHTS Core:

Preliminary Plans and Procedures


The plans and procedures are shown in three categories as in the Figure 1.

Entrance Procedures

  • Contact the Core before-hand to schedule entrance by online scheduling.
  • Wear personal protection (Face shields or masks) when coming in, while keeping the social distancing as necessary
  • Do NOT come to the Core if you have any symptoms of coughing, fever, or any previous contacts with known COVID-19 patients recently.

Interaction Procedures

  • Person-to-person contact is limited only to reagent delivery in the early stage.
  • Only already trained users are allowed to use the instruments in the early stage.  Will open more with training in the late stage. Virtual training will be established.
  • Unless specified in advance, the projects will be handled by the core in the early stage. Will allow users to be trained and use the instrument in the late stage.

Project Management Procedures

  • Will be done all online with our current infrastructure of online scheduling, Online LabNote and online (though manual ) charging. The goal is to establish online practice of project initiation, remote-access for instrument automation, data/image analysis (remotely) and data sharing and results discussion.
  • Still open with education and faculty recruitment efforts with the virtual tour of the UIHTS core.


University Policy Links:

1. OVPR: OVPR offers research ramp-up planning guidance

2. CCoM: Guidelines for Proposed Ramp-Up Plan