Assay Services

Assay Development

UIHTS can work with you to develop your bench-top assays or your ideas of assays of your biological targets into microplate-based assays which are compatible with high throughput screening. These assays include biochemical assays and cell-based assays. The assay formats include 96-well, 384-well or 1536-well formats with various detection technologies (absorbance, fluorescence, luminescence, fluorescence polarization (FP), TR-FRET, AlphaScreen​, and  label-free (Epic/EnSpire)).

UIHTS can also work with you on different targets, which include 1) Biochemical assays on enzymes (i.e. kinases, GTPase, and DNA methyltransferase), protein-protein interactions, nucleic acid-protein interactions; 2) Cell-based assays on membrane proteins (i.e. GPCR, ion channels, transporters, and RGP), nuclear proteins, and phenotypic based live-dead cell death.

UIHTS can work with you with high content imaging of both fixed and live cells. Our imaging capability can work with glass slides, 24-wells, 96-well and 1536-wells microplate automatically.

Assay Adaption and Validation

UIHTS has developed a practical approach to transfer/adapt your assays in different stages into high throughput screening compatible assays as scalable screen assays, ready for any scale of screening (from small library of 1-2K compounds, to up to 350K-2 M compounds), both for small molecules and biologics.

UIHTS has also established a protocol for the validation of your assays, either biochemical or cell-based assays. The assays will be validated by the common HTS parameters of Z factors and S/N ratios. If necessary, dose responses of the assays will be determined to check the robustness of the assays, and to confirm the physiological relevance on targeted mechanism of actions

Exemplary Assay Protocols 

Contrast to common bench-top assays, scalable and HTS compatile assays need detailed protocol and standard operation procedures (SOPs) for the consistence and reproducibility of the assays. Protocols and SOPs are especially critical for the transfer and adaption of assays among different labs. We recommend that you use the protocols or SOPs in the formats as on PubChem or Nature Protocols. Contact us if you need an example of SOP of UIHTS facility.