Welcome to High Throughput Screening Facility at University of Iowa (UIHTS).

Established by the university sponsors and NIH funding, the University of Iowa High Throughput Screening Facility (UIHTS) is a high throughput platform that integrates robotics, detection systems and chemical /biologics libraries. UIHTS enables scalable screening approaches, not only to foster hit and lead generation for drug discovery and development through screening of large chemical/biologics libraries; but also to facilitate molecular probe discovery for mechanism of action (MOA) studies of chemical biology through screening of focused intellectually-designed compound collections. As a university core facility, UIHTS provides highly flexible screening services, project management, grant assistance and assay/technology development for investigators across campus and beyond.

In addition, UIHTS will be serving as your primary source and portal for bridging your high throughput biology and potential translational medical researches by nurturing the collaboration with medicinal chemistry, pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics, and clinical trials.

More information on our facility, our service, cost structure and HTS resources can be found in this website. You can also find latest news and events on UIHTS, HTS and related funding opportunities.

Looking forward to talking with you. Please come and visit us at S332/S336 PHAR, 115 S. Grand Avenue, at Westside campus.